Every 2 years we double the amount of information. Datacenters always have to be on. They’re always consuming energy. Datacenters have as big a carbon footprint as airline industry, and 40% of electricity is spent on cooling. Our open direct liquid cooling systems reduce up to 90% of cooling cost


Benefits of liquid cooling are widely known:

  • Increase in rack power density (from 20 kW to 100 kW +)
  • Higher power density of processors
  • Lower data center footprint, fewer server racks and interconnects
  • Fewer Pieces of Critical Equipment in Data Hall Space
  • Simplified Electrical and Mechanical topology
  • Faster go to market – reduced Site & Structural Construction Compared to Traditional Build of Equal Computing Power
  • Reduction/elimination of fan vibrations
  • Decrease Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Lower energy spend & cost
  • Increased reliability of equipment
  • Reuse of usually wasted heat


The myriad liquid cooling vendors continue to produce new technical innovations and products at a rapid pace. And recently developed technology and commercially available systems have now addressed many common concerns inhibiting piloting or implementing liquid cooling (complexity, risks, cost, maintenance). However all currently known liquid cooling solutions are closed ecosystems with proprietary enclosures, proprietary cooling modules and coolants. Additionally all direct chip cooled systems are custom made to one specific device & rack which effectively blocks wide adoption of liquid cooling systems. We believe in open standards and can deliver set of technologies that will allow every datacenter operator to use liquid cooling as every other third party component and then reuse it in other installation with all flexiblity – as any other it components – switch / disk drive / gpu card. Looking for a partners and operators interested in Open Liquid Cooling System.
Eline Stuivenwold

Managing a variety of projects at Dutch Data Center Association. Feel free to contact me at eline@dutchdatacenters.nl